Jean Vincent. Artist / Illustrator

Many of my images have been inspired by words and phrases, illustrating my own text or an existing familiar phrase. I find working to a themed project encourages me to focus and helps me work towards a coherant body of work.

Using acylics most of the time I have also worked with papier mache, collage and dabbled in ceramics, depending upon which was the most suitable medium to express my current ideas.

I now find working with photographs and some of my existing art I enjoy using the computer to generate multi-layered images.


NOTES ON COPYRIGHT (free-lance artists)
When an artistic work is created the originator of that work owns the copyright. The owner of the copyright can give permission to individuals or companies to reproduce the work which is known in the trade as granting a license. The license should be in writing and contain the agreed terms of the license covering, usage / duration / any restrictions. If an image is reproduced without the consent of the owner it is an infringement of copyright and damages can be claimed.