Jean Vincent. Artist / Illustrator

Artist Statement

Many of my images are inspired by words and phrases, illustrating my own text or an existing familiar phrase. I find working to a themed project helps me to focus and provides me with a coherant body of work when I am not working on commisssions.

Using acylics most of the time I have also worked with papier mache, collage and dabbled in ceramics, depending upon which is the most suitable medium to express my current ideas. Working with photographs I have taken and my existing art I enjoy using the computer to generate multi-layered images as prints.

Recently, I have been exploring the world of abstract art and will be showing the results this summer during the Cambridge Open Studio weekends in July.

I hope you will enjoy looking through my galleries and if you would like to request a quote for a commissioned piece of art, I have put together some tips to help you below.


Commercial publishers and agencies commission artists on a regular basis but for those who may be embarking on their first project, here are some guidelines that you need to consider when asking an artist to supply a price for their work.

THE WORK - Describe the work required as accurately as possible. Is the style existing on their website or do you have your own an idea of finish and colour.

- Give an idea of the likely printed size and deadline for first roughs and finished work.

USAGE - Decide on the useage or anticipated use of the image(s). ie: will the image need to be supplied for website use / will the image be needed in large format for publicity use / for book publication - how many will be printed and where will they be distributed.

BUDGET - Do you have a budget to propose?

NOTES ON COPYRIGHT (free-lance artists)
When an artistic work is created the originator of that work owns the copyright. The owner of the copyright can give permission to individuals or companies to reproduce the work which is known in the trade as granting a license. The license should be in writing and contain the agreed terms of the license covering, usage / duration / any restrictions. If an image is reproduced without the consent of the owner it is an infringement of copyright and damages can be claimed.


After I have taken a detailed brief of your requirements and a commission is agreed I will send out a simple contract to make sure all parties are in agreement of what is expected. This would outline my impression of the job and ask you to confirm my understanding and agreement to proceed. I would then supply rough sketches for your comments, this could be followed by more sketches with some idea of colour until the layout is deemed to be correct. Then I would go ahead and complete the illustration(s) with detail and colour. If the work is rejected on delivery, my terms state that I would charge 50% of the agreed fee.

Please use my Contact page if you wish to email me.